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Boxer TrailMaster Pro-Grade 1" x 8' Cam Buckle Tie Down Kit

Boxer TrailMaster Pro-Grade 1" x 8' Cam Buckle Tie Down Kit


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Conquer the untamed wilderness with our 1" x 8' Cam Buckle Tie Down Kit, a must-have for off-road enthusiasts. Designed for power sports aficionados who demand unwavering security, these heavy-duty straps, equipped with robust S hooks, boast an impressive 1200 lbs breaking strength. Picture confidently navigating challenging 4x4 trails or transporting recreational gear without the anxiety of instability. From securing dirt bikes for an adrenaline-packed ride to fastening off-road buggies and jet skis for seamless transport, this kit is the epitome of reliability. Upgrade your tie-down game and redefine your off-road experience with the assurance that your equipment is securely fastened for every thrilling adventure.

  • Breaking Strength: 1,200 pounds 
  • Working Load Limit: 400 pounds 
  • Length: 8 feet
  • Width: 1 inch 
  • End Fitting: S Hook 
  • Color: Blue-Gray
  • Set of 2
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