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Boxer tool

Boxer CamoFlex 54" x 72" Utility Blanket

Boxer CamoFlex 54" x 72" Utility Blanket

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The 54" x 72" Camouflage Utility Blanket is an essential tool for hunting enthusiasts. Its versatile design allows seamless blending into different environments – be it a duck blind, tree stand, or covering supplies on the ground. The adaptability of this lightweight yet durable blanket ensures you stay concealed and prepared for success in every hunting scenario.

Crafted with the dynamic demands of the hunting world in mind, this utility blanket goes beyond camouflage – it's about being ready for anything nature throws your way. Equip yourself with the 54" x 72" Camouflage Utility Blanket, and experience the perfect blend of versatility and reliability on your next outdoor expedition.

  • Quantity: 1
  • Color: Camouflage 
  • Filler Material: Recycled Cotton
  • Outer Material: Woven Fabric Construction 
  • Ideal for Outdoors
  • Size: 54 inch by 72 inch 
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