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18" Ratchet Extension with Grade 70 5/16" Chain Anchor

18" Ratchet Extension with Grade 70 5/16" Chain Anchor

SKU:20245/ RB04CK-516CH

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Safeguard your heavy-duty equipment during transport with our purpose-built Ratchet Buckle Assembly. This product is meticulously crafted for securing your valuable cargo to your truck, providing peace of mind during every journey. The 18-inch Grade 70 chain, assembled with precision, has undergone a rigorous testing process to guarantee its resilience in challenging weather conditions. This ensures that your cargo remains securely fastened, even when faced with adverse elements. The forged grab hook at the end of the chain adds an extra layer of security, firmly anchoring your equipment. Engineered for durability and reliability, this ratchet buckle assembly is your go-to solution for heavy-duty cargo transport.

California Residents: Warning 
  • Color: Yellow Chrome
  • Hook: 5/16 inch 
  • Chain Length: 18 inch 
  • Double-Locking Ratchet Buckle


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